Activity Streams do not include activity from specific projects or issue types

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Platform Notice: Server, Data Center, and Cloud By Request - This article was written for the Atlassian server and data center platforms but may also be useful for Atlassian Cloud customers. If completing instructions in this article would help you, please contact Atlassian Support and mention it.


Activity streams from Dashboard Gadgets, Issue Activity Tab, Project Overview or User Profile are missing activity from specific Issue types or Projects

The following appears in the atlassian-jira.log

2015-09-26 03:43:34,480 StreamsCompletionService::thread-7 WARN admin 223x325x1 1g7kvzl /plugins/servlet/streams [atlassian.streams.jira.JiraEntryFactoryImpl] Error creating streams entry
	at com.atlassian.streams.jira.builder.JiraEntryBuilderFactory.getIconLink(
	at com.atlassian.streams.jira.builder.JiraEntryBuilderFactory.buildLinks(


The following SQL queries returns all potentially affected Issue Types in the database

select * from issuetype where AVATAR is null AND ICONURL is null; 
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The query tested with MySQL, may need syntax adjustments for other database.


Issuetype Avatar Icons are broken. It's not clear how this comes to be exactly.


Assign an Issue Type avatar to the Issue Type by taking the following steps:

  1. Navigate through Adminstration cog menu icon > Issues > Issue Types
  2. Find the edit link corresponding to the affected issue types
  3. Edit the issue type to add an Issue Type Icon 
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You can browse to some pre-built icons in JIRA's installation directory: $JIRA-installation-directory/atlassian-jira/images/icons/issuetypes

Last modified on Nov 16, 2018

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