After restoring backup at a different server, Agile reports are showing incorrect data

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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


After restoring XML backup at a different server, Agile reports, such as Velocity or Burndown charts are showing incorrect data, like commitment bars are missing in Velocity chart, Burndown charts not burning down or Sprint showing all issues marked with asterisk signifying them being added after spring start date.


The source and target system have different time zone configurations, causing confusion regarding when issues were added to sprints.


Source and target system must be on the same time zone settings for the data to appear correctly. That means:

  • OS time zone must be the same
  • If Java arguments have -Duser.timezone parameter specified, its value must be the same
  • JIRA default user time zone must be the same

If the affected target server operating under incorrect time zone settings had users submitting new data between server restore and time zone correction, the date time data captured by the server during that time might be incorrect and in needs of rectification. There are two approaches here: either shift all date time values in database tables by the time difference to align it with existing data, or modify start and end times of sprints to account for the time difference. The latter approach will permanently make sprint time and end dates appear differently to their real start and end time, but all Agile data should appear properly after that.

DescriptionAfter restoring backup at a different server, Agile reports are showing incorrect data
ProductJira, JIRA Agile

Last modified on Feb 19, 2019

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