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After accessing any JIRA Agile board (either Kanban or Scrum) your board won't load and the screen will be completely empty.


  1. A malformed Announcement Banner is present
  2. The modules of the Scrum and Kanban templates are disabled.

Resolution 1

Following the Configuring an announcement banner document, copy the current announcement banner and completely remove it.

If the boards are fixed after this, it means there was an error in the announcement banner.

We're tracking interest in an HTML validator on the Announcement Banner through this issue:

JSWSERVER-20981 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Resolution 2

  1. Since there is no way of enabling these modules in the UI, we will run a few queries in the DB.

    tip/resting Created with Sketch.

    Always remember to backup your database before doing such procedures, as in case anything goes wrong we can rollback to a previous working state.

  2. Shutdown JIRA;
  3. Run the following queries to check if the entries already exist in the database:

    select * from "propertyentry" where "property_key" like '%kanban%';
    select * from "propertyentry" where "property_key" like '%scrum%';
  4. If these queries return one value, you will just have to update these to be set to "true" with the following queries:

    insert into propertystring values (id,'true');

    Where "id" is the ID of the entries from the first queries. You will have to run the query above twice (one for each module, Scrum and Kanban, only adjusting the correct ID).

  5. If no entries are returned in the first two queries (the most common scenario), then we will have to add these entries to the database:

    insert into propertyentry values (99998,'',1,'',5);
    insert into propertyentry values (99999,'',1,'',5);
  6. Then enable these two modules with the queries below:

    insert into propertystring values (99998,'true');
    insert into propertystring values (99999,'true');
  7. Start JIRA
  8. Reindex JIRA

Last modified on May 4, 2022

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