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Platform Notice: Cloud, Server, and Data Center - This article applies equally to all platforms.

Sometimes, a situation can cause Issues to enter the Closed or Resolved status without the Resolution field being set. These instructions will provide a practical (if time-consuming) method to Resolve the Issues. The steps basically include creating a transition and then bulk-editing your issues with this transition to resolve tickets. Note that a transition will need to be added to each status in which Issues need to be updated.

1. Prepare your transition(s).

  1. Start by Editing your existing Workflow.
  2. In the Diagram view, click Add transition.
    1. To status and From status should have the same value, so the transition will be a loop (Issue status won't change);
    2. Name should indicate the action to be performed, e.g. "Set Resolution"
  3. Click the new loop transition to display its properties, and click Post functions.
    1. click Add post function
    2. select Update Issue Field and click Add
    3. select the Resolution field and the desired target Field Value, and click Add
  4. Publish the workflow
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each status for which the Resolution field will need to be updated.

2. Transition your Issues

As this will work for one Status at a time, completing the operation may require multiple iterations of the following steps:

  1. Using the Issue Navigator, locate the list of Issues you'll need to add a Resolution to

  2. Click Tools >Bulk Change (N Issues)
  3. Select Issues to change and click Next
  4. Select Transition Issues and click Next
  5. Select your newly created transition and click Next
    1. You can clear the 'Send mail for this update' checkbox to prevent email notifications from being sent
  6. In the operation summary screen, click Confirm to apply the changes

Script Runner Method (third party add-on)

This is an alternate method to clear resolutions on tickets

  1. Install the Script Runner add-on
  2. Build a search for all issues that are using the user created unresolved status
  3. Save search as a filter
  4. Use the built-in script to set items in that filter to None
  5. Set the resolved status to the resolution you're intending to use

Script Runner usage instructions: https://docs.adaptavist.com/sr4jc/latest/features/built-in-scripts/bulk-fix-resolutions

There is an open feature request for 'Bulk edit resolution' in JIRA applications:  JRA-7302 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

DescriptionThis article illustrates steps on creating a transition and then bulk-editing your issues with this transition to resolve tickets.
Last modified on Oct 4, 2021

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