'Can't check compatibility' error in the Jira Data Center and Server mobile app

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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


The Jira Data Center and Server mobile app throws the following errors when user tries to connect it to an existing Jira Software (Server or Data Center) site. 

Can't check compatibility

A custom filter may be preventing unauthenticated requests to your server. Talk to your admin to resolve this.


  • The Jira Data Center and Server mobile app needs to check that you're running a compatible version of Jira Software before it can log you in. If you have configured a custom filter to prevent unauthenticated requests to your server, Jira will be unable to complete this check. 
  • Also, if you're using a proxy server it might be filtering some headers or cookies required by the mobile app


If you distribute the Jira Mobile app using an MDM solution (Mobile Device Management), you can add the skipInfo parameter to the app config which will skip this check. See Mobile Device Management (MDM) for more information. 

Otherwise, to resolve this issue you will need to configure your custom filter on the proxy configuration to allow <jira-base-url>/server-info to pass through without authentication. Here's how to do it:

  • For earlier versions of the mobile app and mobile plugin (up to Jira 8.10), allowlist <jira-base-url>/server-info.
  • For latest versions (from Jira 8.10), allowlist <jira-base-url>/rest/nativemobile/1.1/info/login.

Additionally, you might need to allowlist headers and cookies required by the app. For more info, see Problems with logging in because of missing headers or cookies.

Using Jira 8.9.1 or later?

If you're using Jira 8.9.1 or later, this problem might be related to a bug we've recently discovered. We're planning to release the fix in the mobile app versions 1.11.x (iOS) and 0.12.1 (Android), but until then you can work around this problem by enabling a dark feature or contacting our Support team for help. For more info on what you should do, see  JRASERVER-71175 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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Not an admin? Send this page to your Jira administrator and ask them to investigate the issue for you.

Last modified on Aug 26, 2022

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