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When trying to create an issue the browser hangs indefinitely


There might be multiple root causes for this.


Things to be tried:

  1. Before anything, perform a full re-index through Administration > Indexing > Re-index and see if this takes care of the issue.
  2. If not, run the Database Integrity Checker and see if that comes up with issues to fix. Try again.
  3. If that does not work also, go to Administration > Plugins and Enable Plugin Safe Mode. If this solves things, go out of plugin safe mode without restoring previous configuration and then enable plugins one-by-one to see which one causes the problem.
  4. If this still does nothing, contact Atlassian Support sending your Support Zip (Administration > Atlassian Support Tools > Support Zip) and a Screenshot of the problem.

Known plugins associated with this issue

synapseRT - reported fixed in 5.0 and above

Testing Environment

This issue has been tested in JIRA 5.1

Last modified on Nov 2, 2018

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