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When trying to create an issue:

  1. The browser hangs indefinitely
  2. Observed that some issues are unable to be created with a reported timeout.


There might be multiple causes for this:

  1. Indexes
    1. (info) Due to corrupted indexes
    2. (info) Due to missing indexes after an installation of a plugin.
  2. Database
    1. (info) Due to some plugins modifying the database and creating data inconsistencies.
  3. A Plugin causing some trouble.
    1. (info) For any bug related to a specific plugin
    2. (info) For having some plugin that is not supported for the Jira Version you are running. 


During this resolution steps, is suggested to test after each one of the steps mention below.

  1. Indexes.
    1. Do a Full Re-index
      1. Go to Administration () > System > Advanced > Indexing > Select Full re-index > click on Reindex.  For more information: Reindexing.
      2. (info) Full re-index: Use this option when the indexes are corrupted, which may be caused by a system or disk failure. This option deletes all indexes and rebuilds them.
  2. Database.
    1. Run a Database Integrity Checker
      1. Administration  > System > System support > Integrity checker.  For more information: Database Integrity Checker.
      2. (info) Database Integrity Checker attempts to ensure that all Jira data is in a consistent state.

        This is useful in a number of situations, e.g.

        • Before migrating a project to a new workflow
        • An external program is modifying Jira's database
        • Troubleshooting a server crash

        If an error is encountered, most of the integrity checks provide a 'repair' option that attempts to reset the data to a stable state.

  3. Plugins
    1. Enable Safe Mode
      1. Go to  > Add-ons or Manage apps > Choose Enable safe mode at the bottom of the page.
      2. (info) Running your Atlassian Server application in Safe Mode disables all user-installed apps at once. All apps that were disabled when you entered Safe Mode will be re-enabled when you exit Safe Mode.
    2. Identify the Plugin
      1. For this step, you can follow one of the 3 steps shared.
        1. Checking each plugin, One by One:
          1. Need to enable them one by one, the plugins, in order to check which one is the one causing your issue.
        2. By Logs:
          1. Need to mark the logs Before and after reproducing the issue. For more information: How to mark the logs for easy troubleshooting
          2. Once you have marked the logs, you can look in between the marks for the Error related to your situation, and identify the package name related to your issue.

          3. Once identify the keywords of the package causing your issue, run the next query on your database:

            select pluginname,pluginkey,pluginversion,created from pluginversion where lower(pluginkey) like '%<KeyWords>%';
          4. It will provide an output like this:

                        pluginname            |               pluginkey                | pluginversion |          created
             Adaptavist ScriptRunner for JIRA | com.onresolve.jira.groovy.groovyrunner | 6.56.0        | 2022-07-28 20:54:36.95+00
          5. Once identify the plugin with the issue related you can:
            1. Disable the plugin.
            2. Upgrade the plugin.
            3. Uninstall the plugin.
        3. By Disabling the Latest plugins installed.
          1. Run the next Query:

            select pluginname,pluginkey,pluginversion,created from pluginversion where (lower(pluginkey) not like 'com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.%') order by created desc order by created desc;
          2. This will provide a list of all the plugins installed from latest to oldest.
          3. So you could disable the plugins that were installed just after the issue started to appear.

If after this resolution steps still is hard to find the situation please contact Atlassian Support by providing the next information:

  1. Support Zip:
    1. Go to Administration > System > Support Tools > Create support zip
    2. Download it from your browser directly
  2. Screenshot of the problem.

Last modified on Jul 28, 2022

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