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  1. Whenever you try to edit the configuration of a custom field which associate to Bug and New Feature, the issue type context was set to Any Issue Type initially when you try to edit as follows:

  2. No matter how you select the prefer issue type and update, the changes will not take effects at all


There could be some data integrity happens in the database which wrong id of fieldconfig has association with the fieldconfigschemeissuetype table.



Please BACKUP your database before perform the below changes!

  • If you're unsure of the below operation, please raise a support request in our support system for further clarification.


  1. Shutdown JIRA
  2. Get the ID of the custom field affected(eg. Product Manager) with the following SQL query:

    select * from customfield where cfname = 'Product Manager';


  3. In this case, the custom field id was 11323, you need replace the number with ID of your custom field. In this query, take note of the ID for fieldconfigscheme.

    select * from fieldconfigscheme where fieldid like '%11323';


  4. Run the following query to check if the fieldconfigscheme that attach with issue type and you will find there's different value under fieldconfiguration column and that column value should be identical.

    select * from fieldconfigschemeissuetype where fieldconfigscheme = '11351'

  5. Run a query to ensure the 3 configuration exist in JIRA database:

    select * from fieldconfigscheme where fieldid like '%11323';


  6. In this case(you may get different result), delete the 2entries from fieldconfiguration table and fieldconfigschemeissuetype. After that, update the remaining one of the entries from fieldconfigschemeissuetype table to null(eg. Any Issue Type in the context)

    delete from fieldconfiguration where id in (11351,11391)
    delete from fieldconfigschemeissuetype where id in (12348,12349)
    update fieldconfigschemeissuetype set issuetype = null where id = 12347
  7. The fieldconfigschemeissuetype table will look as follow after the step 6 update:
  8. Restart JIRA
  9. Reindex JIRA
  10. Reconfigure the custom field issue type again
Last modified on Feb 23, 2016

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