Changing theme and branding colors in JIRA Service Desk

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You are able to change the colors used in the customer portal if you have a customized theme and branding for your service desk.

If you do not have a customized theme and branding you must set it up in order to customize the colors used.



You must first set a customized theme and branding for your service desk if you have not already done so

The process described below is a simple update to an existing theme row and has been tested for safety.

  • Do not insert or delete any rows from the database as this may cause corruption.
  • Do not make modifications other than changing one or more of the four colors using UPDATE "AO_54307E_CUSTOMTHEME"

Step 1 - Obtain the ID of the theme you wish to change

  • Use the following SQL query to obtain a list of your service desks along with the THEME_ID for each


Step 2 - Obtain the colors currently used

  • Now use the following SQL to obtain the colors used for this service desk. Replace XXX with the THEME_ID obtained in the previous step

  • The results will look like the following

    jira=# SELECT * FROM "AO_54307E_CUSTOMTHEME" WHERE ID = 1;
     #000000        | #292929           | #d4171e                   | #ffffff                 | 1
  • The image below shows what each of the fields is refers to

    (info) The color used for the issue count that appears next to "My requests" cannot be changed

Step 3 - Update database with new custom colors

  • Decide on the colors you wish to use and obtain their hexadecimal color code
    • These codes are available on many sites on the internet. Examples are provided in this Google search
  • Create the SQL statement(s) you will use to update the database. An example is provided below:

    (warning) This is only an example. You must customize the SQL to meet your needs (warning)

  • Update the database with the SQL. If using Oracle remember to commit the changes
    • Changes will be applied immediately
    • You must refresh any open customer portal pages to see the changes

Rolling back changes

If for any reason you wish to return to the automatically selected colors you can do so by turning off the customized theme and branding and then turning it back on.

  • When you do this a new ID will be inserted into the AO_54307E_CUSTOMTHEME table and the THEME_ID of the service desk in the AO_54307E_VIEWPORT will be updated to use the new ID





Last modified on Feb 19, 2016

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