'com.perforce.api.CommitException java.io.IOException Error in job specification.error' Due to Problems with Perforce Job integration


The configuration page displays the following at the top of the configuration form:

"Your Perforce jobspec has not been updated to accept the issue fields configured in this JIRA instance."

If trying to submit the configuration settings, the process fails with the following message:

com.perforce.api.CommitException java.io.IOException: error: Error in job specification.error: Error detected at line 7.error: Unknown field name 'url'


The reason is that p4jobspec is missing some fields been hard-coded in the plugin. Thus it is necessary to modify the p4jobspec to include the fields above to resolve the issue.


Add the following fields into p4 jobspec in order for the p4 integration to work properly:

110 IssueStatus line 32 required
111 URL line 60 required
112 Assignee word 32 optional
113 Project word 32 required
114 Priority line 32 optional
115 Type line 32 required

(info) Consult this documentation for more details on how to make this modification.

Additional information

You can check your current Perforce configuration by executing this command:

p4 -p <perforce_host>:<port> -u <perforce_user> jobspec

Also, if you don't mind overwriting your current Perforce configuration, you can use this template file perforce-plugin.jobspec and import it into your repository using this command:

p4 -p <perforce_host>:<port> -u <perforce_user> jobspec -i < perforce-plugin.jobspec 

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