Convert remote user directory to local Jira user directory

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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.

This knowledge base article is provided as informational use only and requires direct database modification. Atlassian Support cannot assist with problems resulting from performing these SQL commands


It's not possible to login to JIRA because the remote directory no longer exists however you wish to retain the old users and groups from the old remote directory.


The following SQL will convert the remote user directory to a local JIRA user directory. Be sure to substitue 10000 with the id of the remote directory you wish to migrate:

update cwd_directory set impl_class = '', lower_impl_class = '', directory_type = 'INTERNAL' where id = '10000';
delete from cwd_directory_attribute where directory_id = '10000';
insert into cwd_directory_attribute values ('10000', 'user_encryption_method', 'atlassian-security');

User passwords will need to be reset before they are able to login after performing migration. If needed the following SQL will update a user's password to 'sphere':

 update cwd_user set credential='uQieO/1CGMUIXXftw3ynrsaYLShI+GTcPS4LdUGWbIusFvHPfUzD7CZvms6yMMvA8I7FViHVEqr6Mj4pCLKAFQ==' where user_name='XXXX';

How to convert a remote user directory to a local Jira user directory
Last modified on Feb 14, 2019

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