Disable HipChat Integration Plugin slows down application restart

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


Disable the HipChat Integration modules slow down Jira application restart.

If you have the parameter -Datlassian.plugins.enable.wait=300 defined in your Java argument, the application restart will take at least 300 seconds.

The atlassian-jira.log file returns the following error during application initialization.


1 plugin failed to load during JIRA startup.

	'com.atlassian.labs.hipchat.hipchat-for-jira-plugin' - 'HipChat for JIRA'  failed to load.
		Application context initialization for 'com.atlassian.labs.hipchat.hipchat-for-jira-plugin' has timed out waiting for (|(objectClass=com.atlassian.plugins.hipchat.api.link.HipChatLinkProvider)


The following modules have been disabled from your UPM.

  • Atlassian Hipchat Integration Plugin
  • Atlassian Hipchat Integration Plugin Core


The relevant HipChat Integration modules are integral parts of your Jira application and they should not be disabled. If disabled, it may lead to data and code inconsistency issue.


If you're looking to disable HipChat plugin or hide any relevant HipChat integration button from end users, all you need is the following plugin. Disabling this plugin will remove all HipChat related buttons.

  • HipChat for Jira

Keep the following plugins enabled to avoid long application restart.

  • Atlassian Hipchat Integration Plugin
  • Atlassian Hipchat Integration Plugin Core

Last modified on Dec 11, 2017

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