Emails sent by customers are "Rejected" by Jira Service Management mail handler

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Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


Emails sent by Jira Service Management customers are rejected with one of the below error messages in the processing logs:

  • Auto-reply mail

  • Bulk mail

  • Automated delivery status message


Diagnostic Steps

  • Check the mail processing logs for your project by going to Project settings > Email requests > Processing logs. You may see one of the below messages:
    • For Auto-reply mail:

    • For Bulk mail:

    • For Automated delivery status message:


Jira Service Management Email processor filters emails based on the content of the auto-generated headers:

  • Auto-replies filters out emails if the auto-submitted headers contain the keywords auto-generated, auto-replied, or auto-notified.
  • Bulk mail filters out emails that the mail server marks as spam. The keywords that it looks for is Precedence: bulk.
  • Delivery status notifications filter out emails if the multipart/report header contains report-type-delivery-status, or if the return-path header has a null email address.

If the email sent by the customer contain any of those headers, it will be rejected by the Jira Service Management email processor. You can also inspect the email header to verify it by clicking on three dots > Download raw email message beside the Rejected email in the processing logs as described in View the email processing log.


To avoid the rejection of the emails sent from your customers, you can add their domain to the allowlist. Messages received from domains in the allowlist are never filtered out, regardless of the content of the message. Add trusted domains to the allowlist so you'll always receive their messages.

You must be a project admin and have product access to Jira Service Management to add, edit, and remove domains from the allowlist. Have a look at Global and project permissions and How to update product access settings to learn more.

To add a domain to your allowlist in a company-managed project:

  1. From your service project, go to Project settings > Email requests.

  2. Select More (...) > Manage allowlist.

  3. Select + Add domain name.

  4. Enter the domain name (do not include @). 

  5. Select Save.

To add a domain to your allowlist in a team-managed project:

  1. From your service project, go to Service project settings > ChannelsEmail.

  2. Select More (...) > Manage allowlist.

  3. Select + Add domain name.

  4. Enter the domain name (do not include @). 

  5. Select Save.

  • Currently, allowlists only support exact domain matching. For example, adding '' will match '' but not '' or ''.

  • The allowlist does not currently support individual email addresses, wildcards, or pattern matching.

  • If a message appears to be spam or phishing because it fails DMARC sender verification, it will be filtered out regardless of your allowlist settings.

DescriptionEmails sent by customers are "Rejected" by the JSM mail handler
ProductJira Service Management
Last modified on Oct 20, 2021

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