Finding out Groups with JIRA System Admin Permission and Removing the Permission from the Group

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There are times you notice either changes have been made to JIRA and you are not sure who did it or even if you know, you know the person of group of people should not be able to perform the changes in question.

This is likely caused by these users having been given administrative permission either individually(less likely) or a group they belong to was given such permission.


  • Open Global Permissions(Press 'gg' and search for global permission as JIRA Administrator and select it from the list shown in the pop up)
  • If there are more than one group listed in there, note the groups.


  • Remove the group from the JIRA System Administration permission(remove them from the global permission).
  • If they do not need JIRA Admininstrator Permission also, please remove the group from it.




Last modified on Jun 5, 2015

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