How to disable Bulk Create (non-Admin CSV Import)

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Since JIRA 6.2.x with JIRA Importers Plugin (JIM) 6.2.3 or above, JIRA users can create issues in bulk using a comma-separated value (CSV) file if they have Create Issue project permission and Bulk Change global permission. In certain situations, JIRA Admins do not want users to bulk create issues but still want them to create issues and bulk change normally.

This article discusses how to disable this option without having to remove the above permissions from users.

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If you're using JIRA 6.4 or above, you can easily disable this feature by:

  1. go to JIRA Administration -> System -> General Configurations -> Advanced Settings
  2. look for jira.bulk.create.max.issues.per.import (at the bottom)
  3. set it value to 0

Otherwise, please follow the Step-by-step guide below.

Step-by-step guide

Please make sure to back up your database or create an XML backup in JIRA before attempting this workaround, which involves disabling certain modules of a system plugin (JIM).

  1. Go to JIRA Administration -> Add-ons -> Manage add-ons -> System add-ons (if you've updated the plugin, it may appear under User-installed add-ons)
  2. Find and expand JIRA Importers Plugin (JIM) (Add-on name: jira-importer-plugins)
  3. Disable the following modules:

    1. New Filter Section for Issues Dropdown (bulk_create_section)
    2. Bulk Create Link (bulk_create_drop_down_item)
    3. Bulk Create (bulkCreateCsv)

This will remove the link Import Issues from CSV from the Issues drop-down menu

The Admin CSV Import (JIRA Administration -> System -> External System Import) still works

There is a feature request for adding another permission to control who can use this feature at  Unable to locate Jira server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.

Last modified on Nov 6, 2018

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