How to Disable Inline Editing

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With the release of JIRA 6.2 Inline editing can now be disabled. (JIRA 6.2 Release Notes)  You'll need to disable this when Configuring JIRA Options as it is enabled by default. An existing request to allow more granular configurable inline editing is being tracked here:  JRA-29091 - Getting issue details... STATUS .  Please vote and add any feedback you may have on that ticket.

As inline editing is directly related to the 'Edit Issue' permission, disabling this permission will turn off inline edit completely.  In order to actually edit an issue, create a transition step from each status which will bring up a 'transition screen' where editing is available.


First identify (or create) an edit screen from the field configuration as described in Associating a Screen with an Issue Operation

  1. Remove the Edit Issues project permission for all users 
    1. Modify the Edit Issues project permission and remove all users from this permission to disable the ability to edit as described in Managing Project Permissions
  2. In the active workflow, we will need to add a new transition loop for each status (Open, In Progress, Closed, etc)
    1. Edit the active workflow as a draft
    2. Create transition steps called 'Edit' and have them start and end in the same status. These steps should use the Edit Screen as their transition view.
    3. These transitions should be created wherever an 'Edit' button is desired in the workflow
    4. Please associate this Issue Operation with the Edit Screen  we identified earlier as described in Associating a Screen with an Issue Operation
  3. To display the Edit button on the opsbar we will need to do the following (optional)  
    1. Access the workflow transition's properties, as described in Working with transition properties.
    2. In the Add New Property section of the workflow transition's View Workflow Transition Properties page, type opsbar-sequence into the Property Key field.
    3. In the Property Value field, type a positive integer value (starting at '0') that defines the order of the transition action on issue views.
      1. For each workflow transition, you may wish to use gaps in your opsbar-sequence property values (for example, 10, 20, 30, etc.) rather than consecutive values. This will allow you to 'insert' new workflow transitions more easily at a later point in time.
    4. Click the Add button.
  4. New issues created in this project will now have inline edit disabled, and will have an 'Edit' workflow step available where editing can be done

Last modified on Nov 6, 2018

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