How to ensure JIRA keeps working if you change your Active Directory domain

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Sometimes you may need to change your Active Directory domain. This may affect JIRA if you have it connected to your Active Directory for user synchronisation and/or authentication. Due to the domain change you may find that one of the following is changed:

  • Base DN
  • User DN

This procedure will ensure you have the minimum downtime for your users while such a change is made.


Before making any change in Active Directory, make sure the following is true in JIRA:

  • There is a JIRA Internal Directory and it is enabled
  • At least one user exists in that directory who is an administrator
  • Confim that you are able to log in as that user

Immediately after making the change in Active Directory:

  • Log in as the internal directory administrator user confirmed in the above steps
  • Edit the Active Directory user directory, updating the Base DN and User DN as needed
  • Confirm this directory can synchronise
  • Confirm a user from that directory can log in to JIRA

    (info) See Configuring User Directories for details on how to configure user directories in JIRA.



Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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