How to hide the "Assign" and "Assign to me" links via CSS

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The information on this page relates to customizations in JIRA Applications. Consequently, Atlassian Support cannot guarantee the provision of any support for the steps described on this page as customizations are not covered under Atlassian Support Offerings. Please be aware that this material is provided for your information only and that you use it at your own risk.

Also, please be aware that customizations done by directly modifying files are not included in the upgrade process. These modifications will need to be reapplied manually on the upgraded instance.


Certain workflows may require that issue assignment is done in a specific workflow step, or with a custom screen. This may make JIRA Administrators require some customization to hide the default JIRA assignment buttons and links, so that users are forced to use their custom workflows assignment procedure. This knowledge base article describes how to hide the 'Assign button' from the issue menu, and the 'Assign to me' links by simple CSS rules.


Modify the JIRA Announcement Banner, add the following lines of CSS

a#assign-issue {display:none} /* Removes assign issue from main menu */
a#assign-to-me {display:none} /* Removes assign to me link from Issue View */
#assign-to-me-trigger {display:none !important} /* Removes assign to me link from Assign Screen */


  • This will affect or apply to all projects in the JIRA instance.
  • This will not actually disable accessing the assign screen using the keyboard shortcut 'a'.


Last modified on Nov 1, 2018

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