How to Prevent Users to Modify the Email Type from User's Preferences

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At times, JIRA administrators would like to set all notifications type to be either HTML or Text.  This can be done on the Administration side, by configuring the Default outgoing email format.  However, each user has the ability to change his/her own notification type by going to the user's profile.


First, set the notifications for all users to either HTML or Test:

  1.  Go to Administration > Users > Users Preferences
  2. Change the default value to HTML or text
  3. Once the default value has been changed, click on the apply button
  4. JIRA will then prompt if you would like to update the notification format for all affected users 

Once notification type has been changed for all users, you will need to remove this option so that the users cannot revert back to the notification type.  To achieve this:

  1.  Locate the updateuserpreferences.jsp file, which is located on the <JIRA-INSTALL>/atlassian-jira/secure/views/user/ directory
  2. Once the updateuserpreferences.jsp file is found, remove the following lines from the file
<page:applyDecorator name="auifieldgroup">
                <page:param name="description"><ww:text name="'preferences.mailType'"/></page:param>
                <aui:select id="'mailtype'" label="text('preferences.mailType.label')" list="mimeTypes" listKey="'key'" listValue="'value'" name="'userNotificationsMimeType'" theme="'aui'"/>

By removing the above lines, this will prevent users from switching back the notification format. 

Last modified on Feb 19, 2016

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