Importing attachments into JIRA Cloud applications using CSV files

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Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


Using the basic CSV import process, JIRA Cloud applications display a similar error message to the following when trying to import attachments:

An exception occurred dealing with "<attachment.url>"


The file contains references to attachments that are hosted on an instance that is not publicly accessible.


As the files are not publicly accessible, the JIRA Cloud application is unable to retrieve them.


To resolve this issue, you can either fix the CSV file, or import the attachments separately.

Fix the CSV file

  1. In the CSV file, specify the URL of each attachment in the attachments column.

    For example, in this file, the attachment is stored in https://jira-server:8080:

    Assignee, Summary, Description, Attachment, Comment
    Admin, "Issue demonstrating the CSV attachment import", "Please check the attached image below.", "https://jira-server:8080/secure/attachment/image-name.png", "01/01/2012 10:10;Admin; This comment works"
    Admin, "CSV attachment import with timestamp,author and filename", "Please check the attached image below.", "01/01/2012 13:10;Admin;image.png;file://image-name.png", "01/01/2012 10:10;Admin; This comment works"

    (warning) Note that URLs for attachments support the HTTP and HTTPS protocols and can be located anywhere that your Jira Cloud site can access. the URL needs to be externally hosted so the source JIRA instance needs to be Anonymously accessible or on JIRA cloud you can pass in the log in credential as detailed in this KB "Importing attachments into JIRA Cloud using CSV External System Importer"

  2. Import the CSV using the steps in Importing data from CSV.
Last modified on Dec 11, 2019

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