Issue Security Scheme with a Security Level Anyone prevents issues from being shown when people search in projects it is associated with.

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When user adds a security level with group "anyone" to an issue security scheme, issues search for such projects that this scheme is attached to would always return no result when user searches.



  • All versions of JIRA

Diagnostic Steps

  • Create an Issue Security Scheme.
  • Create a security Level.
  • Add a Group "Anyone" to the security level created above.
  • Add the Issue Security Scheme to the the project.
  • Go to project permission page: Project > Project Name > Admin > Permission
  • In the Browse Project Permission add a new permission with group "Anyone".
  • Go to search issue and search for an issue, you should get no results fr your search.


For some reason, the permission with the security level with group "Anyone" prevents all issues from being returned in the search result.


  • Delete the Security Level with group "Anyone" from Issue Security scheme.

Last modified on Aug 22, 2022

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