JIRA Admins seeing page load pauses in IE11

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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


JIRA Admin users are seeing delays in page load times while accessing JIRA on IE11 web browser.

The delay is not specific to any page and only impact JIRA Admins.

The problem is only noticed on IE11. it is not noticed using compatibility mode (IE10 mode)

The following appears in the browser console log:

Hermes Messages: running
Hermes: loading message - IPN-113_jsw_7_10
Hermes: loading message - IPN-113_jsw_BLOCKER_7_10
Hermes: loading message - IPN-100-message-7_3_to_7_5_ENT
Hermes: loading message - IPN-113_jsw_BLOCKER_7_9
Hermes: loading message - IPN-113_jsw_BLOCKER_7_8
Hermes: loading message - IPN-91-user-becomes-an-admin
Hermes: loading message - IPN-113_jsw_BLOCKER_7_7
Hermes: loading message - IPN-113_jsw_7_9
Hermes: loading message - IPN-113_jsw_BLOCKER_7_6



  • IE11 web browser

Diagnostic Steps

  • Verify the above messages are being printed in the IE 11 web console.


The problems is coming from the Atlassian bundled plugin: atlassian-whisper-plugin Javascript library.
This plugin is responsible to send JIRA admins notifications and messages about latest versions and upgrades, that is why only admins are seeing this problem.
The plugin will try to obtain the updates from the Atlassian website: https://engage-delivery.useast.atlassian.io.

This website might be blocked by local network team, thus causing some delay due to timeouts.


We can disable the Atlassian Whisper Plugin to avoid such pauses while using IE11 by following below steps:

  1. Please access <Your JIRA's base URL/secure/SiteDarkFeatures!default.jspa>
  2. Under the Enable dark feature, please enter whisper.disabled and click Add.

This will disable the bundled plugin and will disable the message notification.


Ensure your local network is able to connect to https://engage-delivery.useast.atlassian.io.

Last modified on Jun 22, 2018

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