JIRA does not work with Emoji / 4 byte characters

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Emoji and other 4 byte characters can not be placed into comments / fields in JIRA.


You are using MySQL with JIRA, and trying to insert 4 byte characters into JIRA.


JIRA does not support MySQL with 4 byte characters at this time. 


Use PostgreSQL (Connecting JIRA to PostgreSQL) with JIRA.


There is a feature request to allow using utfmb4 character set on MySQL at  JRA-36135 - Getting issue details... STATUS , however from MySQL 5.7 onward, it should be fine to just use the utf8mb4 character set without problems, as the default table row_format is being changed to DYNAMIC, which is required for utf8mb4 to work with JIRA (previously it wasn't possible to set a default). MySQL 5.7 is supported by JIRA 7.3 onward.

Last modified on Jan 6, 2017

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