JIRA Perforce Plugin throws 'P4 Exited with An Error!'

Atlassian has discontinued further development on the JIRA Perforce Plugin. The combination of FishEye and the free FishEye Plugin for JIRA has made the JIRA Perforce plugin redundant.


  1. The P4 command which failed in JIRA from the command line, fails to run in JIRA. For example:

    p4 \-s \-p \-u idaniel \-c localhost \-P mypassword changes \-l \-s submitted  (0,)1000
  2. When starting JIRA, the log file has the following error message:

    2007-09-24 17:03:31,178 JiraQuartzScheduler_Worker-3 INFO [ext.perforce.changelists.ChangesIndexer] Retrieving Perforce changes from 0 to 1000
    2007-09-24 17:03:31,293 JiraQuartzScheduler_Worker-3 ERROR [com.perforce.api.Debug] P4 exited with an Error!
    and the jira-p4.log log file contains error message such as:
    <log level="ERROR" date="9/26/07 10:35:09 PM">P4 exited with an Error!</log>
    <log level="VERBOSE" date="9/26/07 10:35:09 PM">P4Process.exec:  p4 -s -p -u idaniel -c localhost -P mypassword changes -l -s submitted @0,@1000</log>
    <log level="VERBOSE" date="9/26/07 10:35:09 PM">P4Process.exec().is: java.io.BufferedInputStream@67f797</log>
    <log level="VERBOSE" date="9/26/07 10:35:09 PM">P4Process.exec().isr: java.io.InputStreamReader@1b01949</log>
    <log level="VERBOSE" date="9/26/07 10:35:09 PM">P4Process.exec().es: java.io.FileInputStream@4c2849</log>
    <log level="VERBOSE" date="9/26/07 10:35:09 PM">P4Process.exec().esr: java.io.InputStreamReader@1e8f2a0</log>
    <log level="VERBOSE" date="9/26/07 10:35:09 PM">P4Process.exec().os: java.io.BufferedOutputStream@90f19c</log>
    <log level="VERBOSE" date="9/26/07 10:35:09 PM">P4Process.exec().osw: java.io.OutputStreamWriter@1e67280</log>
    <log level="VERBOSE" date="9/26/07 10:35:09 PM">From P4:exit: 1</log>


The p4.sysroot and p4.sysdrive properties in perforce-jira-plugin.properties are not set properly.


The perforce-jira-plugin.properties file contains two entries:


When running JIRA on Windows, these variables must be uncommented and set to the correct values for your Windows installation. Try setting the sysroot to be C:\WINNT instead of C:\WINDOWS).

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