LDAP users and groups display unexpectedly in Jira server

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


Some users and/or groups may be displayed differently in JIRA compared to how it appears in the database. This may also cause a synchronisation from a remote LDAP or Active Directory to not happen, for example if a user account is disabled in Active Directory, this status does not apply in JIRA.


Diagnostic Steps

  • Select the details of an affected user from the user table:

    select * from cwd_user where lower_user_name = '<lower_user_name>';
  • Select the details of an affected group from the group table:

    select * from cwd_group where lower_group_name = '<lower_group_name>';
  • If anything appears different in the results from the database table compared to what you see in JIRA's user interface, then you may be affected by this issue.
  • Make sure you're not running into the problem described in Inconsistency in group membership and user status on one or multiple nodes in Jira Datacenter related to changes to the user/group cache coming from another environment.


The user and/or group cache in JIRA is out-of-sync with the database.


  • Restarting JIRA on the affected node(s) should invalidate the cache, then you can force a full synchronisation of the existing user directory.
  • If you want to resolve without restarting JIRA:
    1. Create a brand new User Directory - this directory does not necessarily have to work.
    2. Delete the newly created directory. This will trigger the user and group caches to be invalidated.
    3. Synchronise the existing User Directory.

Last modified on Jul 18, 2022

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