Migrate from HSQL embedded database to external database in Jira server

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Always back up your data before performing any modification to the database. If possible, try your modifications on a test server.

Before going through those steps, please read the through our Switching Databases documentation.

  1. As in our Connecting JIRA applications to a Database, set up and install one of those DBMS and the JIRA database.
    (warning) Ensure that it one of our Supported Platforms for that JIRA application version.
  2. Schedule downtime with the JIRA users - the use of the Announcement Banner could be employed here.
  3. Back up the JIRA application to XML, as in our Backing Up Data docs.
  4. Shutdown your JIRA application.
  5. Using the JIRA applications configuration tool, connect JIRA to the new database.
  6. Restart JIRA and import the XML backup instead of going through the setup wizard.

(info) It is strongly recommended that regular backups are taken in your JIRA application system using your native database backup tools, more on this in the Backing Up Data article.

Last modified on Sep 25, 2019

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