Not able to make changes to sprint due to missing project administrator permissions on unrelated projects

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.

Platform Notice: Server, Data Center, and Cloud By Request - This article was written for the Atlassian server and data center platforms but may also be useful for Atlassian Cloud customers. If completing instructions in this article would help you, please contact Atlassian Support and mention it.



When trying to move a sprint up or down on a board, or completing a sprint or any other actions on board that requires project administrator permission, the error pops up : 

To update this sprint you must have Project Administrator permissions for all of the following projects:



(info) There are no issues from these listed projects on the current board.


  • There were issues cloned(with sprint information) and moved to other projects on the instance
  • There are multiple boards that have sprints that share the same name


The problem could be caused due to mainly 2 reasons : 

  1. There were issues in the past that were cloned and then moved to different projects. This led to the sprint information getting passed to different projects that should not have had those sprints.
  2. There were multiple boards that are using sprints of the same name. While adding the sprint name using the issue edit screen, the user selected the wrong sprint from the wrong board.


Basically, there are more issues associated with the sprint than what is shown on the board. These issues are not showing up because the filter configured for the board is not selecting them.



We need to find all the issues that should not be part of the sprint on the board and then remove them from the sprint. 

  • Run this query for the affected board to get the board id : 

    select "ID" from "AO_60DB71_RAPIDVIEW" where "NAME" = '<board-name>';
  • Run this query to get a list of all sprints of that board : 

    select ID from "AO_60DB71_SPRINT" where "RAPID_VIEW_ID" =<ID from above>; 
  • Once you have all the Sprint Ids, run the JQL query here to get a list of all issues that are part of the sprint but are not showing because the board filter is not selecting them : 

    Sprint in (<ALL Sprint numbers comma separated>)

    PS : This step needs to be run as a user who has permissions to view all issues from all projects on the instance.

  • Lastly, remove all issues from the sprint that should not be part of the sprint and that should fix the problem.




Last modified on Nov 1, 2018

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