Scaling JIRA FAQ

What is the current limit of issues an JIRA instance can hold?

When some JIRA administrators think about how to scale JIRA, they often focus on the number of issues a single JIRA instance can hold. Yet there are so many other elements that can affect the scale of a JIRA instance that it is not accurate for Atlassian to give a single number. In the past, Atlassian recommended splitting instances at 200,000 issues, but removed this recommendation with the the release of JIRA 5.1.  Atlassian provides an official guide on Scaling JIRA 6.4, there you can learn how to scale JIRA effectively in your organisation.

I run a version older than JIRA 5.1.  Does the Scaling JIRA guide still apply to me?

Yes, although the guide was written for 5.1 much of the document still applies to versions older than 5.1. Things that you will need to note are that some features will not be available (eg: remote issue links) and also the performance tests were only run with JIRA 5.1 so older versions will have different results.

Where can I find additional information regarding JIRA performance tuning?

Please refer to the JIRA Performance Tuning guide or get in touch with one of our experts who offer paid consulting services. 

Are there any test scripts that can help me understand what the performance will be for my usage scenario?

Yes, we have released our Grinder performance tests which works with JIRA 5.0 and 5.1 - these can be obtained at JIRA Performance Testing with Grinder. We also have older tests which run on JMeter which you can read about at: Performance Testing Scripts.

Can you give me examples of hardware and configuration settings used by other customers that have large JIRA instances?

The best way to find out what other customers are using is to reach out to our community on We also have some configurations mentioned on our scaling guide, in the near future we aim to include hardware in that list. 

I have a large JIRA instance and I would like to share my performance tuning experience. Where's the best place to share this information?

Our community site, is a good place to ask questions and share information.  Here's an example of a question related to performance tuning with large JIRA instances:

I have a large JIRA instance.  How can I get someone from Atlassian to consult with us on a scaling plan?

Our Scaling JIRA guide is a great place to start, also our JIRA Performance Tuning guide, from there you may wish to get consulting services from our experts, many of whom specialize in high-volume performance tuning, as well as how to split a large JIRA instance into multiple JIRA instances.


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