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You would like to send a notification to a certain team when one (or more) specific issue types are created.  For example, if a bug is files in Project X, you would like an email notification to be sent to the existing group development-team.


This solution may cause indexing issues. As a workaround you may add the "Re-Index Issue" in the post function of the workflow transition. Please refer to JRA-32508 for further information.

This is a bit tricky, but can be done.  You will need to work with Workflow Scheme, Workflow, Notification Scheme, and Events (links to our detailed documentation are included in-line with these instructions):

  1. First, if your group is not created, create it now
  2. Adding a custom event , such as "Project X Bug Created"
  3. Modify Notification Scheme for Project X to add this new event, and notify development-team
    1. Note, Notification Schemes are defined on a per-project basis, so go to Project X, Administer Project, and make sure you are modifying the correct scheme.
  4. To send notifications for a/multiple specific issue type(s), but not all, you will have to create a workflow, a workflow scheme to be used for these specific issues, and associate the two
    1. Go to your workflows, locate the workflow you're currently using for Project X, and click on the "Copy" link to make a copy
      1. Choose an appropriate name (Project X Bugs)
    2. This should bring you to the edit screen.  Make sure you're on the "Text" and not "Diagram"
      1. Click on the "Open" Step
      2. You should see the Workflow Screen and the Workflow Browser in the upper right - click on the "Create" transition
      3. Click on the "Post Functions" tab, and choose "Edit" for the Fire a Issue Created event function
        1. If this does not exist, you can choose "Add" and Fire the event you created in step 2
      4. Change the event to "Project X Bug Created" and update the function
        1. This means that with bugs, only those users associated on the Notification Scheme with the "Project X Bug Created" event will receive notifications when the bug is created.  If you would like the normal "Issue Created" notifications to go out as well, you will need to add those groups/users/roles to this notification as in Step 3 above.
    3. Now you need to create the scheme for this issue type - click on workflow schemes
      1. Click Add Workflow Scheme and choose an appropriate name (Project X Bugs Scheme)
      2. Associate this with your new workflow (Project X Bugs), for issue type Bugs (or as many as you would like)
      3. Associate another workflow, your original for Project X, with All unassigned Issue types
  5. Finally, you need to associate this new scheme with Project X, so that it knows to use your new workflow with Bugs, and the old workflow with everything else
    1. Click on "Projects" in the JIRA Administration menu, and choose Project X
    2. Scroll down to the workflow section, and click on the associated scheme
    3. Click "Switch Scheme" and choose your newly created scheme Project X Bugs Scheme
  6. After all of this, you might want to do a background re-index



Last modified on Sep 25, 2019

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