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After integrating JIRA Software with Fisheye/Crucible,  the 'Source' or 'Review' tab is not visible on the 'View Issue' or 'Browse Project' page in JIRA Software.


JIRA 6.2.1 and later (now JIRA Software)

JIRA 6.2 introduced the Development panel (see JIRA 6.2 Release Notes for video), which consolidates all development information about a current issue in one place. From JIRA 6.2.1 onwards, the build (Bamboo), source and review tabs (Fisheye/Crucible) are hidden when the application link between the two applications supports two-legged authentication, and the linked instance has all the required capabilities. Also, see Source Tab does not appear with Successful Applink to Fisheye or Stash.


JIRA 5.x or JIRA 6.0-6.2 integrate with Fisheye 2.9 or above

In your Fisheye Instance:

  • Check if there are any ERRORS thrown in Fisheye logs that are related to the integration with JIRA.

In your JIRA instance:

  1. Check if there are any ERRORS thrown in JIRA logs that are related to the integration with Fisheye.
  2. Check if user has the "View Issue Source Tab" permission in the project's Permission Scheme (via JIRA Administrations > Permission Schemes).
  3. Check if some modules in JIRA Fisheye plugin are disabled (via JIRA Administrations > Plugins > Manage Plugins/Add-Ons > Fisheye Plugin).
  4. If the Review tab does not appear, check if Crucible integration is enabled (via JIRA Administrations > Fisheye Configurations).
    (info) Source tab is always enabled.

Log Debugging:

  1. Go to Administration > System > Troubleshooting and Support > Logging & Profiling (tab).

  2. Search for the Configure logging level for another package words and click Configure link.

  3. Set a package name to com.atlassian.jirafisheyeplugin and Logging Level to DEBUG.

  4. Return to the Issue Screen and view the Source Tab.

  5. Look for the stack trace below in JIRA logs:

    2015-03-06 17:25:25,910 http-bio-8680-exec-12 DEBUG admin 1045x2194x2 1pfu8oo xx.xx.xx.xx /rest/tabs/1.0/com.atlassian.jirafisheyeplugin:fisheye-issuepanel/TEST-1 [] Request URI is 'http://localhost:8060/rest-service-fe/search-v1/crossRepositoryQuery?query=TEST-1&expand=changesets%5B0:20%5D.revisions%5B0:29%5D,reviews&repository=Maven&repository=SimpleJUnit.git'
  6. Copy and Paste the URL from Step 5 and paste into the web browser to check if any returned result. For example:


JIRA 4.4.x integrate with Fisheye prior to version 2.9

In your Fisheye instance:

  1. Check if Remote API is disabled (via Fisheye Administrations > Server > Remote API).
  2. Check if Repository's Permissions (via Fisheye Administrations > Repositories > click on the Repository name) are correct.
  3. Check if there are any ERRORS thrown in Fisheye logs that are related to the integration with JIRA.

In your JIRA instance:

  1. Check if some modules in JIRA Fisheye plugin are disabled (via JIRA Administrations > Plugins > Manage Plugins > Fisheye Plugin).
  2. Check in Fisheye Configuration page (via JIRA Administrations > Fisheye Configuration) if the Disable for unmapped JIRA Projects is ON. With this configuration set to ON, ONLY projects that are mapped to Fisheye Repositories will have the Source or Review tab.
  3. Check if the user does not have the "View Version Control" permission in the project's Permission Scheme (via JIRA Administrations > Permission Schemes).
  4. Check if there any ERRORS thrown in the JIRA logs that are related to the integration with Fisheye.

Still not working ?

Have a look into the ERROR message thrown in both side, and look through the child articles of this page to see if there's anything that matches the symptoms you're seeing:


Requesting support

If there are still problem, create a support request in Provide the following details that will be help us to identify the issue:

Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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