Suggestions not working for User Picker field in Jira Server

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When trying to assign users to roles in the Project Role page or other places where a JIRA application has an autocomplete field for users, the field does not provide username suggestions.


Sometimes this problem can be related to insufficient Global Permissions. Additionally, sometimes the User Picker field can automatically turns itself off when a high number of users is detected (such as when connecting to a large LDAP repository).


For Issues with Global Permissions

Make sure that the logged in user has allow browse user permission for whatever groups they are in - especially in the jira-users group.

To Allow the permission, do the following:

  • Login to the JIRA application as the Admin.
  • Go to JIRA Administration > System > Security: Global Permissions
  • Set the permission for Browse User permission to allow jira-users group.
    Find the official documentation for allowing this permission here.

For Issues with high number of users detected

  1.  Determine the number of users in your system by either checking Administration > Users and taking note of the maximum value or the following SQL query:

    select count(*) from cwd_user;
  2. Change the Advanced JIRA applications configuration property:

    jira.ajax.autocomplete.userpicker.limit = XXXXX

    where "XXXXX" is greater than the number of users from Step 1.

  3. If necessary, restart the JIRA application.
Last modified on Sep 25, 2019

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