Troubleshoot customer notifications in Jira Service Management projects

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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


This article details how to troubleshoot email notifications in Jira Service Management (JSM). Specifically it is primarily targeted at why they may not be getting sent to Jira Service Management customers.


Notifications in Jira Service Management projects operate differently from notifications sent in Jira Core or Software Server. Specifically, Jira Service Management requests are Jira issues that:

  1. Are in a Jira Service Management (JSM) project.
  2. Have a valid Customer Request Type (or Request Type / Service Management Request Type).

Issues that do not meet both criteria are not Jira Service Management requests. They are regular Jira issues and not affected by the Jira Service Management notification system.

Regular Jira issues (those that do not meet the criteria above) will default to the Jira Project Notification Scheme. In this case, any users that are Jira Service Management Customers will not receive notifications, as they are not considered to be regular Jira users.

JSM Customer Notification Configuration

Contrary to the Jira notifications which are configured in the notification scheme associated to Jira projects, the JSM Customer Notifications are configured via the page Project Settings > Customer Notifications:

Each type of customer notification can be enabled/disabled, and their template can be customized via the Edit button located next to them.

Requirements for Jira Service Management emails to be sent to customers:


  • Jira email is enabled
  • Outgoing mail has been configured
  • Depending on the type of event, the corresponding customer notification needs to be enabled in the project via the page Project Settings > Customer Notifications


  • The issue needs to belong to a JSM project
  • The issue needs to contain valid customer request type


  • The user needs to be allowed to view the request (via the reporter, request participant, approver, or orgnization field)
  • The user should not have unsubscribed from the request
  • The user should have a valid email address

Issue Events

The events that trigger notifications differ depending on the version of Jira Service Management that you are running. See the Configuring service project notifications page for your version of Service Management.


If the answer to the question is 'Yes', continue, otherwise follow the instructions in the 'No' column.

Is this a valid Jira Service Management request (Service Management project / request type)?
  • Make sure the issue is in a project that is configured to be a Service Management
  • Make sure the "Customer Request Type" field is populated

Can the customer can see the request under "My Requests" in the customer portal?

  • Check the customer is a reporter or participant of the issue.
Do you know if Jira mail is fully configured?
  • Check the outgoing mail server is enabled and working.
  • Verify if email has been disabled system wide.
Are Jira Service Management notifications enabled?
Does the reporter have a valid email assigned to their user?
  • Check their user has an email set, if not add one.
Have you performed any testing on the mail address?
  • Try sending a test mail to the user through Jira (in Outgoing Mail > Send a Test Email), to see if an error is returned.
  • Try sending them an email outside of Jira, using a separate mail account.
Have you checked the logs?
  • Enable the Outgoing Mail log in Administration > System > Troubleshooting and Support > Logging and Profiling and set it to DEBUG.

  • Reproduce the problem.
  • Check the atlassian-jira-outgoing-mail.log for any errors.
Have you investigated the mail server?
  • Check the mail server logs for any errors - this may require consulting with the Sys Admin / hosting provider.
  • Verify the mail server can send emails to those user accounts - you could configure another client to use it (such as Windows Outlook or Apple Mail) and try to send mails to those addresses.
  • Check if certain domains work or do not work - for example the SMTP may have blocked certain Hotmail, Yahoo and/or Gmail addresses.

Links to troubleshooting guides

If the questions from the table above did not help, then you can check the following troubleshooting guides, which cover the most common issues related to customer notifications.

SymptomsLink to the relevant troubleshooting guide
The Customer Notifications are not sent to specific user, or from specific JSM tickets/projectsTroubleshooting why a user did not receive a customer notification from a JSM request
The Customer Notifications are not sent at all for all JSM projects, or are sent with a very long delay,

Troubleshooting slow/stuck notification issues in Jira/Service Management Server/Data Center

DescriptionThis article details how to troubleshoot email notifications in Jira Service Management. Specifically, it is primarily targeted at why they may not be getting sent to Jira Service Management customers.

Last modified on Jul 12, 2022

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