Unable to delete unused screens due to no Delete option available

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


When trying to delete unused screens, no "Delete" option is present for the screen operation. The screen is not used in any of screen configurations.


JIRA will not show you "Delete" option in case of any of the following conflicts:

  • The screen is listed in any of screen configurations
  • The screen is mentioned in the descriptor for current or draft workflows

In a few cases, the administration page will not mention any screen configurations or workflows that refer the screen you are trying to delete, so it might be a good idea to cross check that manually using SQL queries.

Check for screen mentions in any screen configurations:

SELECT fss.* FROM fieldscreenschemeitem AS fssi JOIN fieldscreenscheme AS fss ON fssi.fieldscreenscheme=fss.id JOIN fieldscreen fs ON fssi.fieldscreen = fs.id WHERE fs.name = '<screen_name>'

Check for screen mentions in any screen configuration that does not exist anymore:

SELECT DISTINCT fs.id, fs.name 
FROM fieldscreenschemeitem fsi JOIN fieldscreen fs ON fsi.fieldscreen=fs.id 
WHERE fieldscreenscheme NOT IN (SELECT id FROM fieldscreenscheme)

Check for any workflows referring the screen:

SELECT id, workflowname FROM jiraworkflows WHERE descriptor LIKE '%<screen_name>%';

Check for any draft workflows referring the screen:

SELECT id, parentname FROM jiradraftworkflows WHERE descriptor LIKE '%<screen_name>%';


All internal references to the screen must be removed for "Delete" option to appear. Use SQL queries to clean up orphan entries in case any data corruption is present in the database. If the screen is mentioned in workflow descriptors, the descriptor itself needs to be cleaned up before a new value is assigned back to the database entity.

Last modified on Jul 18, 2019

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