Unable to reach Atlassian Marketplace using UPM 2.18.3 and 2.18.4

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You were unable to reach Atlassian Marketplace from the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM), when you are using UPM 2.18.3 or 2.18.4 together with SSL/Proxy

The following appears in the atlassian-jira.log

2015-04-10 10:57:10,051 http-bio-8080-exec-15 WARN username 657x101271x1 1cbzlv3 /plugins/servlet/upm [atlassian.upm.pac.PacClientImpl] Error when querying application info from MPAC: com.atlassian.marketplace.client.MpacException: java.net.UnknownHostException: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -Dhttp.proxyPort=80 -Dhttps.proxyHost=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -Dhttps.proxyPort=80 -Dhttp.nonProxyHosts=localhost



  • This issue is occurring when you use UPM version 2.18.3 and 2.18.4


This is a known bug in UPM 2.18.3:  Unable to locate Jira server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.


For UPM 2.18.3

Update UPM to version 2.18.4 through:

  1. The UPM itself, 
  2. Download the JAR from this site, and upload it through the Manage add-ons page in JIRA

If the problem persist, proceed to the next Resolution step

For UPM 2.18.4

For application instances on which http.proxyHost was set but https.proxyHost was not, existing versions of UPM respected the http.proxyHost value for both settings. This was non-standard behavior and has been fixed in 2.18.4. As a result, if you continue to encounter proxy issues with UPM 2.18.4, you need to ensure that you have set https.proxyHost (and https.proxyPort if needed) appropriately. The additional https.proxyHost setting is needed because UPM always contacts marketplace.atlassian.com over HTTPS.

You could update the value as per Setting Properties and Options on Startup, according to Configure an outbound proxy for use in Jira server article.

If the problem still persist, please contact Atlassian Support through https://support.atlassian.com/


Rollback to UPM 2.18.2.

Last modified on Mar 30, 2016

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