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The user cannot get past the login page. After clicking the "Log In" button, the login page just refreshes. 


I have manually reset a user's password, but the user still cannot login


This usually occurs when JIRA cannot set a browser cookie. Ensure that cookies are allowed in the user's web browser settings.

This is not the only cause for this however. You can also review any network and firewall rules that might be in effect. Commonly we see that a new rule was added over the weekend which does not allow clients to get to the instance.


Check (in Admin -> Global Settings -> Global Permissions) that the user belongs to a group that has the JIRA
Users permission.

If you are using IE6, check that your server name does not have an underscore ("_") in it, as IE6 has a problem
with this (see JRA-1624).


Try doing a trace route from your location to the server. This will determine if there is a network issue. If you are unfamilar with how to do a trace route wiki How to Traceroute.


  • Clear the cache on the browser
  • Try different browser
  • See if a different user is having the same issue
  • Disable plugins/extensions on browser
  • Check to see if the issue happens off the network/VPN
  • Make sure you are using a supported browser as documented in our Supported Platforms
  • If your traceroute results look like the below please contact your network administrator to find out why.

Take note if you see any indications of "Request timed out", which is a general way of letting you know that routing is getting held up.




Last modified on Sep 8, 2017

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