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Attachments, links, {quote} or {noformat} markup does not work in the text or comment fields, for example:

Causes & Resolution

If the description Wiki Renderer is not working properly, here are three basic things that we need to check:

  1. Check in your field configuration, make sure the field is using the 'Wiki Style Renderer'. As shown:

  2. You should check if the text formatting matches the notation guide, as an example for 'Images' you need to follow this notation:

    As we can see from the Symptoms screenshot, you may need to check spelling and the case used:

    • 'Ico.JPG' need make sure it is 'I' and not 'L' for the first letter.
    • 'mio.JPG' Is the name correct? Should it be Mpo.JPG instead?
    • Note: This is case sensitive. e.g.  'JPG' or 'jpg'.
  3. If the  {quote} or {noformat} or 'html' does not work, you need to check via  JIRA Administration > Add-ons > Manage add-ons > System add-ons: Wiki Renderer Macros Plugin. Are seven of the eight modules (for version 1.0) enabled? The html module is not necessary for the wiki markup feature to be enabled.




Last modified on Apr 20, 2016

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