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The capacity view shows how much of a team's potential work capacity is being used. There are several situations you will be able to identify using the capacity view:

  • You've planned your sprint on the agile board, but the total capacity exceeds the team's velocity. In this case,  the capacity view shows the red overbooked portion.
  • You've assigned work to individual people and the overall capacity seems right since it's matching the team's velocity. When you look at capacity per person, you see that the overall capacity it is unbalanced, and some people are overbooked, while others still have free time. 
  • You have a longer term schedule and want to see where you still have capacity to fit another new project. The capacity view will show free slots for certain teams.

Follow these steps to configure the capacity view: 

  1. Go to your plan  and select Capacity view from the dropdown, which is located next to Calculate.


  2. Select Capacity to display the capacity view.


    If your teams are not on the same schedule, you'll have to select the team or person view from the timeline settings.

  3. Click on a sprint to display the details.

    Elements Description
    Free capacity Amount of free capacity after usage
    Planned capacity Original planned capacity
    Capacity utilization Current percentage of capacity that is being used.


Last modified on Oct 8, 2017

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