Dependencies report

This report allows you to see a list of all the issues, which have a dependent relationship between them within the same plan. The goal is to allow you to easily visualize all new dependencies around your plan so you can manage risk better.

You might see issues that aren't matching your filter, the reason for that is that in order to show the dependencies, Portfolio pulls in issues that don't match the filter but depend on issues that match the filter so we can show the entire dependency.

  1. Go to Portfolio > Reporting > Switch report and select Dependency report. 

    IssueIssueID and description
    Scheduled endScheduled end date
    StatusIssue status
    DependencyDependency type
    Dependent issueDependent issue ID and description
    Scheduled startScheduled start date of the dependent issue
    StatusDependent issue status


  • If there is a dependency between two issues that are done, they won't show up.
  • Unestimated items will display scheduled start and end dates as a blank cell.
  • The report doesn't display issue hierarchy because dependencies exist across levels.
  • This report can be embedded in Confluence but not exported.
  • All issues that appear on the dependency report are based on calculation. If you don't see all the issues you would expect to see, make sure your plan is up to date.

Last modified on Oct 3, 2018

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