This page refers to Portfolio classic plans. If you are currently running Portfolio 2.0, please check this link to access the latest page version.

Installation requirements

Before proceeding to install Portfolio for Jira make sure that you meet the following installation requirements:

System Administrator permission for Jira applications.You will need this permission to instal or upgrade Portfolio for Jira.
Supported Jira application versionPlease ensure that your Jira application version is among the list of supported versions, see the compatibility matrix, below.
Jira 6.0.x
Jira 6.1.x
Jira 6.2.x
Jira 6.3.xJira 6.4.xJira applications 7.0
Roadmaps for Jira (1.0 - 1.5)(tick)
Jira Portfolio (1.6 -1.7.3)(tick)
Jira Portfolio 1.8(error)
Jira Portfolio 1.10.2 and greater(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Portfolio for Jira 2.0(error)(error)(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)

Installing or updating Portfolio for Jira Server

Follow these steps to install Portfolio for Jira: 

  1. Log in to Jira application as a user with the System Administrators permissions for Jira applications.
  2. Click the 'cog' icon on the top bar and select Add-ons. The Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) page will be displayed.
  3. On the Find new add-ons page, type 'Portfolio for Jira' in the search box.
  4. The Portfolio for Jira add-on will appear in the list below the search box.
  5. Select Try Free to start a new trial or select Buy Now to purchase a license.
  6. You'll be prompted automatically to log into My Atlassian. Enter your information, and click "Generate license" after being redirected. 
  7. Click "Apply license" to complete the process. 

Set permissions

Once the installation has been completed, Portfolio for Jira will be visible to the jira-users group, in case this group exists in your system. Please check the global permissions to add the appropriate groups to the Portfolio for Jira users in the administration.  

Last modified on Aug 22, 2018

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