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New planning experience

Portfolio for Jira provides you with a single source of truth into the current and future health of your initiatives. Using Portfolio for Jira, you can create reliable forecasts of the work of your teams in Jira, while keeping track of current work across realistic schedules in an ever-changing agile environment.

In the new planning experience, we've improved the following functionality:

  • Planning and viewing work: You now have a timeline right next to the issues in your plan. Beside each issue in your plan, line by line, is a corresponding schedule block, which displays when an issue starts and ends in your roadmap. To schedule work, you can manually set target dates, or manually drag and drop the issue blocks in your timeline accordingly.
  • Optimizing your plan: Aside from setting target dates and manually scheduling issues, you can also choose to optimize the work in your plan. By optimizing, Portfolio will use all existing scheduling factors to prepare an optimized schedule for you. You can then choose to accept or discard the proposed changes as needed.

Here is a sample plan in the new experience:

Before you begin

This documentation covers the features we're releasing for the new planning experience, and is written with the assumption that you've already enabled the new experience in your plan. After setting up, check out Overview to know about the technical changes we've made.

Note that some features are not complete yet, since we're continuously iterating on these. As we roll out more features and fixes in the future, we'll communicate these in our release notes.

Also, note that we may occasionally link to existing documentation, for where there are no functionality differences between the previous and new planning experience. We'll explicitly call this out in the corresponding pages.

Giving feedback

While using the new functionality, note that some of the features are not fully complete. We'll continually iterate and improve on the experience moving forward. As you explore this new experience, send us your thoughts using the give feedback button in your plan. This will help us validate the work we've done so far, and help guide our future vision for Portfolio for Jira.

Last modified on Dec 14, 2018

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