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The releases view, with the timeline in it, is no longer available in the new planning experience.

Sample releases view in current plans

We're still iterating on the releases function in the new planning experience. We'll be incrementally rolling this out in future releases.

Meanwhile, the releases view (without the timeline) in the new experience is where you can manage the releases in your plan, just like how you would in current plans.

1Create a new release in your plan. You can choose to make your release either project-specific or cross-project.

Edit or exclude a release from a plan.

When you click a release, the release details appear in the right panel, where you can edit these details accordingly.

See Configuring release dates and Using the later release for more details. Also, see Excluding releases from your plan to know how to exclude a particular release from your plan.

3Configure or edit the details of a release as needed. You can choose from various options for the start date and release date. See Configuring release dates and Using the later release for more details.
4Create a cross-project release. This is helpful when you're managing joint releases, dates, and milestones across multiple projects. See Creating and configuring cross-project releases for more details.

Last modified on Mar 8, 2019

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