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Portfolio for JIRA enables realistic strategic planning, regardless of how many teams or people you have working towards your goals. It provides a single source of truth for the current and future health of your initiatives. Portfolio for JIRA uses what-if scenarios, the data in your JIRA application, and an intuitive interface to help your company efficiently view, plan, and manage initiatives. Teams use Portfolio for JIRA to effectively plan by creating reliable forecasts, staying informed with realistic schedules, and effectively troubleshooting and managing releases in an ever-changing environment. 


Create a plan from your existing data in your JIRA application and roll-up epics into initiatives for a cross-team, cross project view.


Optimize your schedule in real-time, and instantly forecast realistic release dates so you know when you can deliver.


Manage team availabilities and skill sets so you can avoid bottlenecks and ensure the right people are available when needed.


Make fast prioritization and tradeoff decisions and instantly see the impact in the plan so you can answer the 'what-if' questions.


Set business goals and track progress to make sure you execute on your strategy and everyone is aligned to the same priorities.



Have one single source of truth with aggregated visibility across teams so you can keep everyone on the same page.

Last modified on May 30, 2018

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