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Configuring the JIRA application permissions to manage Portfolio for JIRA add-on

A Portfolio for JIRA Administrator can grant access to the add-on by using JIRA applications Global permissions

Configuring Portfolio for JIRA permissions

The Plan Permissions option allows you to configure the user's access at a plan level. Note that permission settings at the plan level take precedence over global permission settings.   

  1. You can configure the user groups' permissions by going to the main JIRA application menu bar and selecting Portfolio > Administration.
  2. Click Add and choose the user group you would like to add for the type of role.If you want to create additional user groups, see the following JIRA application section:Managing groups

Portfolio for JIRA Administrator

Ability to perform all administration functions in Portfolio for JIRA. JIRA applications administrators are automatically Portfolio for JIRA administrators.

Portfolio for JIRA User

Ability to create, view and edit plans.

Portfolio for JIRA Restricted User (It only applies to Portfolio for JIRA classic plans)

All of the abilities of the Portfolio for JIRA User, however users with this role are not permitted to update issues in JIRA applications projects from within Portfolio for JIRA.
Portfolio for JIRA Viewer
Ability to browse and view plans in read-only mode.
Portfolio LABSAbility to access and use Portfolio for JIRA features that are in LABS mode.
Shared Team ManagementAbility to access global team management and edit teams that are shared across Portfolio plans.

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Last modified on Dec 27, 2017

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