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Portfolio for Jira lets you plan your work strategically and realistically, providing a single source of truth into the current and future health of your initiatives. By using Portfolio for Jira, you can create reliable forecasts of your work, while keeping track of current work across realistic schedules in an ever-changing environment.

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Create plans from your existing data in Jira, and roll up epics into higher hierarchies, to get a cross-team, cross-project view.

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Learn about the latest and greatest changes in your Portfolio for Jira Server plans.

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Last modified on May 3, 2018

Discovering Portfolio for Jira

Portfolio for Jira lets you plan work by creating reliable forecasts and staying informed with realistic schedules in an ever-changing environment.

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Add-on administration

Learn how to install and upgrade Portfolio, and how to grant access to user groups that work with Portfolio.

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Programs give you a high-level view of your work, which helps you track status and progress across multiple plans.

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Plans contain the issues, teams, and releases in Jira — combined and converted into a visual schedule of all your work.

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Scheduling and timeline

The schedule is one of core capabilities of Portfolio. The scheduling algorithm considers dependencies and priorities when creating a realistic schedule of all your work.

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Plans in Portfolio integrate seamlessly with Jira. Any changes happening in Jira will reflect in your Portfolio plan, and vice versa.

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Portfolio lets you add Jira users as team members to your plan, as well as virtual users. You can utilize these users to create more realistic plans for your work.

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Plans always contain up-to-date information from Jira, which is handy in checking how releases are progressing.

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Reports give you a graphical overview of the different aspects of your plan.

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Classic plans

We still currently support classic plans in Portfolio — however, we recommend using live plans instead, as these have the latest and greatest features of Portfolio.

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