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This page discusses the usage of Portfolio for Jira live plans (any version from 2.0 to 2.27). If you're using the redesigned planning interface, see this page instead.

You can create issues directly in a plan in Portfolio for Jira — no need to go to your Jira instance to do this. You can also delete issues from a plan, in the sense that you can exclude or remove issues so that these issues don't display in the plan anymore.

To create an issue:

Creating an issue at the bottom of the scope table adds the issue at the bottom, effectively making the issue the last priority work item.

  1. Go to your plan via Portfolio (in header) > View Portfolio > click your plan.
  2. Click the Scope tab to display the scope table.
  3. From the hierarchy menu, click the corresponding hierarchy level for the issue you want to create.
  4. Depending on the hierarchy level selected, click + Create at the bottom of the scope table.
  5. In the row that appears, specify the issue type, project, and title for the new issue.
  6. Click Calculate to update the schedule based on the changes made.
  7. Commit the changes back to your Jira instance.

You can also create an issue after a specific issue, effectively giving the new issue corresponding priority after that specific issue:

  • Hover over an issue, and click the + icon that appears. You can then specify the details for the new issue.

  • Hover over the the grid row between the two (2) issues where you want to add a new issue, and click the green line that appears. You can then specify the details for the new issue.


To exclude an issue from a plan:

Excluding an issue from a plan in Portfolio for Jira will remove the issue from the plan. However, the issue will not be deleted from the Jira instance.

  1. In the scope table, click the checkbox for the issue.
  2. Click Exclude from plan.
  3. In the confirmation message, click Exclude.
  4. Commit the changes back to your Jira instance.

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Last modified on Feb 5, 2020

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