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The following custom field types are supported:

  • single-line text fields
  • single-choice select fields
  • multiple-choice select fields
  • date picker fields
  • number fields
  • checkbox fields
  • radio button fields
  • user picker (single user) fields

Adding custom fields to a plan

  1. In your plan, click settings () > Configure > Custom fields. The Custom fields page will display the fields that are already added to your plan, or will prompt you to add a custom field if no fields have been added yet.
  2. Click Add custom field.
  3. Find and select the checkbox for the custom fields that you want to add to your plan. You can also choose to add multiple custom fields.
  4. Click the add button. The fields will be added to the list in the Custom fields page.
  • You can also remove a custom field from your plan. In the Custom fields page, click the delete icon next to the custom field. Any unsaved changes that correspond to this field will also be removed from your plan.
  • When searching for a custom field, you can click the Hide unsupported fields checkbox to further narrow down your search.

Notes when using custom fields

  • Even if you can view all the custom fields that are available in your Jira instance, you can only add the supported custom fields types to your plan. See Adding a custom field and Configuring a custom field to know more about managing custom fields in Jira.
  • Sometimes, a custom field is not supported for the issue types or projects in the plan. If this is the case, and you set a value for this custom field in the plan, you may not be able to save this change in Jira. If you need this change to be saved in Jira, ask your Jira admin to make sure the issue type and project of the corresponding issue are supported. See Configuring a custom field to learn more.
  • There may be times when the options for a custom field (for example, checkbox fields or multiple-choice select fields) will not load in your plan. This happens if you're trying to choose an option for an issue that you have not saved in Jira just yet. You'll need to save the issue to Jira first, to make the options load in your plan.
Last modified on Jul 28, 2019

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