Reintroducing sprint management in JIRA Software Cloud


Since the first release of sprint management in JIRA Software Cloud, we've been collecting feedback from JIRA Software users specifically for the planned second release of sprint management, which was to include the consolidation of adding issues to sprints and removing issues from sprints in the new Manage Sprints permission.

However, we've determined that this consolidation won't be a workable solution for many of you. Thus, we've decided not to make this change in a second release, as previously planned.

See Updates on the planned second release of sprint management permission for more information.


On 9 December 2015, due to a number of issues raised relating to new Manage Sprints permission, we removed the functionality from JIRA Software Cloud temporarily, as blogged here. After resolving these issues and performing additional quality checks, we are now re-releasing the improved Manage Sprints permission on the week starting 25 January 2016.

This latest release includes the same changes that came with the temporarily removed first release of JIRA Software sprint management, in that the following sprint-related actions will now be assigned using the new permission:

  • Creating sprints
  • Starting sprints
  • Completing sprints
  • Reopening sprints
  • Reordering future sprints
  • Deleting future sprints
  • Editing sprint information (sprint name and dates)
  • Moving the sprint footer

This thereby separates the sprint-related actions that were previously associated with the Administer Project permission.

What will happen in this release?

With this new release, the following things will happen:

  1. The membership of users that have already been added to the new permission will be cleared.
  2. Existing users with the Administer Project permission will be assigned the new permission for the same projects.
  3. The same sprint actions will check for the new permission.

If you're a JIRA Administrator, and you've already added users to the Manage Sprints permission after the release on 9th December 2015, unfortunately, we will have to clear out these changes. There's no direct way for us to determine which of the users who currently have the new permission should no longer have this permission. Thus, clearing out any permission changes made after the release on 9th December is the most secure way for us to move forward.

What's next?

In the second release of the Manage Sprints permission changes, we will still be adding the following sprint-related actions to the new permission:

  • Adding issues to sprints
  • Removing issues from sprints

Currently, users must have the 'Schedule Issue' and 'Edit Issue' permissions to perform these actions.

JIRA Administrators should start manually setting the specific users to have the Manage Sprints permission before the second release.

If you have the 'Schedule Issue' or 'Edit Issue' permissions, and you're adding an issue to or removing an issue from a sprint in JIRA Software, you will also see a message, advising you about the coming changes, and to contact your JIRA Administrator about permission changes.

We will announce the second release in a future blog post.

Your feedback is invaluable

We would like to know your thoughts about how you're using the permission and how we can improve this permission. We strongly urge you to send us your invaluable feedback by using this Feedback Form.

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