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The new Jira experience changes how you view issues to make identifying and prioritizing your team's work faster and more meaningful.

Issue status colors

Color plays a large role in how teams scan and evaluate work. We've updated how issue statuses are displayed by default:

  • – Gray means work hasn't started on an issue, and is used for any status in the to do category.
  •  – Blue is for statuses that indicate the issue is in progress, so it's being worked on in some capacity.
  •  – Green signifies success and celebration, and is used for statuses in the done category when work is complete or an issue is closed.

A new way to view and edit issues

We're rebuilding your Jira experience from the ground up, so you may see a new issue view in parts of your site.

Where you might see in the new issue view

The new issue view is currently released for boards, backlogs, and is starting to roll out for the full-page issue view. It isn't turned on for everyone just yet, so don't worry if you don't see it right now.

What's in the new issue view?

We've simplified the issue view by grouping key actions together. Update issues (add attachments, add issue links, comment) with the new quick-add buttons, and click to edit any field you see.

The new issue view uses the same consistent navigation and issue editing options wherever you see it, so there's no more figuring out which screen you need to be in to view or edit a field.

Here's an example of what you'll see in the board issue view:

  1. Quick add buttons: Add attachments, subtasks, linked issues, and content from Atlassian Marketplace apps.
  2. Watch and more actions: Watch the issue, and perform other issue actions like move and clone.
  3. Transition issues: Quickly get from to-do to done, and any status or workflow step in between.
  4. Show more issue details: Reveal all issue fields, including fields that don't yet have values.

We're continuing to improve the new issue view, and we'd love to get your feedback. If you have something to share, click Give feedback and let us know what you think.

We also know you use a lot of fields in the Jira Software issue view. If the new view doesn't have exactly what you need for now, you can turn it off in your profile. To turn off this view:

  1. Select your avatar and choose Profile
  2. Turn off the New Jira issue view toggle under Labs

For more detailed information, and to be notified when there are updates, head over to The new Jira issue view .

Last modified on May 23, 2018

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