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Where have my boards gone?

From now on, you can access your boards through your projects. You can also use the search icon to see your most recently viewed items. Read more about changes around boards.

I can't find something in the new Jira experience. Where is it?


We've moved some things around and removed some others. If after reading this guide, there is still something you can't find, try searching for it in the sidebar. To search:

  1. Select  (Search) from the sidebar.
  2. Choose from recent projects, boards, issues or filters. Or, type keywords or phrases.

If you still can't find something you need, please let us know:

  1. Select your avatar.
  2. Choose Give feedback
  3. Describe what you're looking for and where you expect to find it.

I build add-ons/integrations for Jira Cloud. How does the new Jira experience affect ecosystem developers, like me?

Read this announcement on the Atlassian Community: New Jira experience for your Cloud add-ons (You will need to sign up for the Atlassian Community to view this announcement if you are not already a member).

Something is not working. What do I do?

First, double check you're using one of our supported browsers.

If you're still experiencing issues, let us know:

  1. Select your avatar.
  2. Choose Give feedback
  3. Describe your problem in detail.

If you've encountered a bug that makes Jira unusable, you can disable the new experience:

  1. Select Jira home. If collapsed, expand the sidebar.
  2. Under NEW Jira EXPERIENCE, select Turn off for now. Optionally, provide some feedback about your experience.
I would like to access the new Jira experience but I don't yet have the option to enable it. Can I get early access?

The new Jira experience is currently available to a limited set of Jira Cloud customers. Don't worry if you don't have it yet as we will gradually roll it out to all Jira Cloud customers.
We are adding features and making changes along the way to ensure that you have access to all the expected functionality.

What's the fastest way to switch between recently viewed projects, boards or filters?

You can use the Jira's quick search to find your most recently used boards, projects, and filters. Select Search from the global sidebar or use the / keyboard shortcut.

Last modified on Oct 3, 2017

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