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Create a project with an agility board

  1. Click Search (

    ) > View all projects.
  2. In the top-right corner, click Create project.
  3. Under Template, click Change* (unless it's already set to agility) and choose Agility.

*Only administrators can change the project template.

Edit your project's access

  1. Click Settings Details
  2. Choose an option under Access:

Add issues

Issues represent tasks to be completed. Create issues in any of your board's columns so your team can track work progress.

  1. Create issues: Hit the + button in any column to create an issue.
  2. Enter a description of your issue, and hit Create to add it to your board.

Try to keep an issue's details both short and descriptive. Team members should be able to scan the board quickly and get an overview of their team's work.

Move issues between columns

As work is completed, you'll want to move issues across your board, to indicate progress. Drag and drop an issue to move it.

If an issue sits in the Done column for more than 14 days, it automatically gets archived. You can view all archived issues by selecting the Looking for an older issue? button.

Select multiple issues

You can select multiple issues with the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) key. Once you've selected multiple issues, you can move them all to a new column, or perform other actions by selecting .

Add, edit, and rearrange columns

You can add, edit, and rearrange columns to make the board reflect your team's process.

  1. Edit columns: Click the column's title to edit it.
  2. Rearrange columns: Click and hold the column's header to drag and drop.
  3. Add columns: Add a column by clicking the + beside the farthest column.

NOTE: Anyone can create a project using an agility board (unless your Jira admin has implemented a permissions scheme requiring you to have certain permissions).

You will, however, need administrator permissions to create Scrum and Kanban projects.

 Agility boards are still a work in progress, so we encourage you to provide feedback. Let us know your thoughts!

Last modified on May 8, 2018

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