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Add team members to your agility board

Your team members must first be added to your Jira Cloud site with access to Jira Software before getting access to your board. For more information, see Creating, editing, and deleting users in our Jira admin documentation.

Get your team involved by adding people to your board.

There are two methods for doing this:

The first method is to open any issue on your board and assign it to someone (as long as you've already added them to your Jira Cloud site, as mentioned above):

  1. Issue view: Select a card to view the issue's details.
  2. Assignee: Click the assignee field and select a team member. They will be added to the board and assigned this issue.

The second method is to go via People in the sidebar:

  1. Click Settings People Add people. 

This second method also lets you choose people's roles (see below), and remove people.

Assign roles

Roles (also known as permissions) control what each person can see and do on your board.

  1. Click Settings People.
  2. You can add extra people to your board by clicking Add people. You'll be prompted to select each person's role from the drop-down menu:

Once you've added people to your board, you can change their roles (or permissions) at any time by choosing from the drop-down list beside their name. You also have the option of removing them from your board by clicking Remove.

Filter issues on the board

Filters show you specific issues, and hide the rest.

  1. Filter via search: Enter a search term to only show issues containing that text. 
  2. Filter by assignee: Click someone's avatar to filter by assignee.

Flag an issue for attention

Flagging an issue informs your teammates that an issue needs extra attention. For example, you could use a flag to indicate that you don't have capacity to finish off a task, or to indicate that an issue is blocked and you'll work on it later.

On agility boards, flagged issues look like this:

To flag an issue

  1. Hover an issue and select more (). You can also select multiple issues using the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) keys.
  2. Hit Add flag.
Last modified on May 9, 2018

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